Jump Ye Gam Theatre: Peacock Theatre

 A production that successfully crosses generations, language and culture deserves not only plaudits but a wider audience. 

Ye Gam Theatre’s Jump is just such a production. This is a night of amazing acrobatic martial arts, endearing characters and fun-packed comedy.

Spend the night at home with a Korean family where a young couple’s romance is regularly interrupted by relations who revel in out-doing each other in martial art challenges. Add a hilarious battle with a couple of bungling burglars and you have an event filled, first-class show. Jump is packed with amazing gymnastic displays and side-splitting comedy routines that would not be out of place in a Buster Keaton movie.

The performances are masterful. The choreographed tae-kwon-do routines are as exhilarating as any Jackie Chan movie, including slow-motion routines reminiscent of The Matrix. There are plentiful sight-gags and pratfalls each of which are performed with consistently skilful comic timing. 

Jump is one of Korea’s most successful shows and has enjoyed previous success throughout Europe and America. Ye Gam Theatre and the multi-talented cast deserve more than this new limited three week West End season.

This is a dazzling night at the theatre with the audience drawn instinctively to their feet at the end in rapturous appreciation. Exhilarating entertainment.


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